Established in 1985 proudly serving the Lancaster County area and beyond. We have always striven to accommodate our customers in every way possible, from answering the unknown questions to helping them arrange a rental car when you are a stranded out-of-town motorist. We can also take to a local hotel. We believe that a courteous, friendly attitude can make a traumatic experience a little bit more bearable.

Sometimes you are in a situation that you cannot help. Towing and recovery services are in high demand with more drivers on the road than ever before. Our family owned and operated business takes pride in what we do. We are dependable, friendly, honest and reasonable.

All of our drivers have been trained in-house. We are members of the Professional Towers Association of Nebraska. We believe in safety first and foremost.
Always remember unless you are under the direction of law enforcement, YOU are the final decision maker as to whom tows your car and where you would like it to go.

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